© Tourismus Unteruhldingen Pfahlbauten

Pile Dwelling Museum Unteruhldingen

The Lake Constance region also has UNESCO World Heritage to offer: the stilt houses in Unteruhldingen. You can find out everything worth knowing about the remaining remains of old settlements from the Stone and Bronze Ages on the tour, which lasts just under an hour. Accompanying exhibitions can be viewed in the exhibition rooms. A trip into the past for the whole family.

© Achim Mende - Insel Reichenau

Reichenau Island

Pure nature deluxe, that could be the motto of the island of Reichenau. It is considered the island of fishermen, winegrowers and gardeners. Let your senses be seduced by the unique herbal scent. And for the eyes there are greenhouses, vines and lettuce fields, but also old churches to see. The monastery island of Reichenau was included in the UNESCO World Heritage list as a cultural landscape. In the Reichenau Museum you can find out all sorts of interesting things about the outstanding cultural and historical importance of the island.

© Affenberg Salem

Affenberg on Lake Constance

On the Affenberg you will experience something very special: here there are real, live Barbary apes on 20 hectares – but no cages or monkey houses! On the contrary: unlike in the zoo, it is even allowed here to feed the animals with specially prepared popcorn that is distributed free of charge. But storks and fallow deer can also be found in the forest area. An adventure for the whole family.

© Burg Meersburg GmbH

Meersburg on Lake Constance

The particularly charming location of Meersburg, built on a steep hillside directly on the lake, attracted people centuries ago. It is said that the Merovingians already built the first castle, whose medieval complex still characterizes the cityscape from afar.

Meersburg is one of the members of the German Half-timbered Road – one of the major tourist routes in Germany. The city owes its baroque silhouette to the Prince Bishops of Konstanz. They built magnificent palace complexes, and the baroque architect Balthasar Neumann, who was already famous at the time, was involved in their design.

© Stadtgarten Konstanz - MTK/Dagmar Schwelle

The city of Constance on Lake Constance

Constance, the largest city and vibrant center of the four-country region of Lake Constance, brings culture, nature, business and science into harmony and combines tradition and modernity, quality of life and excellence, art and shopping. The historic old town with picturesque alleyways invites you to a leisurely shopping spree, the port with southern flair and breathtaking lake and Alpine scenery to stroll and the gastronomy to enjoy without limits. Numerous highlights such as the legendary carnival, the Seenachtfest or the Christmas market as well as top excursion destinations such as the Mainau or a boat trip on Lake Constance also surprise with unique experiences all year round.